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Hollies is everything trout. We rear and stock our fishery, produce and sell fresh table fish to both wholesale and retail outlets and manufacture a range of authentic gourmet products. Anyone visiting Hollies can select their own trout to take away. We will gut, fillet and pack the fish, leaving you with the freshest fish possible.

If you call in advance we can even avoid any waiting.

A selection of our products.

Smoked Products direct to your door

Original Smoked Trout Pate - A smooth full flavour pate, ideal as an aperitif, starter or light lunch served with salad leaves, crusty bread, chutney and a wedge of lemon.

Savoury Smoked Trout Pate - A robust herby pate made with cream cheese and garlic, that is superb as a starter.

Deli Trout - A delicate pate made with smoked trout, poached trout and cream cheese. Everyone loves it.

Cold smoked and sliced - the standard by which other smoked products should be judged. It takes two days of gentle cold smoking to infuse the trout with the subtle oak flavour. This is unlike mass produced smoked salmon, in flavour texture and looks. The flesh is firm, not slimy, the exterior of the slice has a slight colouring and the taste is a complex but balanced, slighty sweeter than salmon. Ideal served in the age old fashion of brown bread and butter with a squeeze of lemon.

Cold Smoked fillets- Undyed, lightly cured and smoked. Ideal as a main course. With a light cure, the fillets will stand cooking better and but delicious.

Smoked Tails - The rear portion of the fillet, probably the sweetest tasting part of a trout, lightly cured and smoked. Sold as a portion it is a treat but worth it. Just heat through and serve with a salad or new potatoes.

Luxury Fish Cakes - Smoked Salmon or Trout, creamy mashed potato, a little onion and seasoning. Perfect with sweet chilli sauce.

Smoked trout bits - One of our most popular products. Large bags of tasty smoked trout bits, which are ideal as ingredients in dishes such as quiches.

All smoked trout can be sent mail order.

Custom Smoking

Hollies is able to custom smoke to your requirements. Catering for fishermen who require their catch to be prepared allows us to custom cure and smoke fish to order.

For Fishery Managers

Why not let us supply smoked trout to offer to your fishermen. We can supply in plain or pre-printed vacuum packs.

We are located at:

Slade Lane,



EX14 4QS


Opening Times:

Summer times 7am - 7pm,

Winter times 8am-5pm

Seven Days a Week

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