Fish Farm and Smokehouse

Hollies Trout Farm is situated on natural cool springs making it perfect for rearing trout which taste clean and sweet.


As a working trout farm we are able to offer fishing for trout and sales of table fish.


We are an established smokehouse that has been producing traditionally cold smoked salmon and trout for over forty years. All fish caught can be smoked to your taste and we offer the same service for customers with trout and salmon caught elswhere. This provides a great service to those anglers who prefer their trout and salmon smoked before eating and to those anglers who fish across the south west and wish to use some of their catch.


If you like smoked salmon you'll love our smoked trout. All fish are cured, smoked, pin boned and sliced and finally vacuum packed.

We are located at:

Slade Lane,



EX14 4QS


Opening Times:

Summer times 7am - 7pm,

Winter times 8am-5pm

Seven Days a Week

Get social with us.

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